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Thou Has Loved the Lion Master Post

Title: Thou has loved the lion…
Author: ju4jen
Artist: thruterryseyes
Genre: Wincest
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: N17 but not overly so (nothing explicit) but quite a bit of bad language.
Word count: approx. 23, 200
Warnings: One incident of schmoop (which I just couldn’t help), Dean angsting and utter abuse of symbolism… like, in bucket loads. Some fiddling with the ancient and rather wonderful story of Ishtar to suit my nefarious ends. One brother disappearing in one way or another has been a common theme in this year’s Big Bangs. I hope this fic adds to this interesting trope rather than diminishing it…
Summary: Dean claims to have lost Sam, his brother. And Bobby is concerned because, after all Dean has gone through saving the world so many times singlehandedly, he finally thinks his surrogate son has gone mad. For real… because WTF? Who is this Sam that Dean is banging on about?
A story about love - the importance of holding onto what you believe despite all the odds and despite whatever anyone else is telling you, about having the courage to accept that love comes in many guises and how, sometimes, just sometimes, you might have to give up everything, absolutely everything, in order to get your love back.
Link to Fic
Link to Art
pdf,epub, mobi etc at AO3 here

This fic was brought to you by the most incredible magicians…
Five days before posting it became very evident that my original artist was MIA (many kindly thoughts to her and lots of hope that all is well).
However the lovely wendy  coolly and calmly matched me up with a pinch hitter and suddenly my story was being given colour and elegance and passion through the amazing art work of thruterryseyes . I owe her mega amounts but feel so blessed to have been rescued in such an awesome way. The artwork puts my rather humble story to shame. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and hard work with so little time.
This was beta’d by januarygirl64 . There are bound to be mistakes but these are all my fault. However, januarygirl64 had to read this story in all its different incarnations, put up with me talking about it endlessly, bolstering my self-esteem as I kept asking “are you sure its alright?” and then finally reading it through once again for spelling and grammar. She has supported me above and beyond… Thank you.
As a raging technophobe and relative noobie on LJ, my main concern was how on earth I was going to put it all together and ensure it was posted and legible on the right date. I was rescued (I do need rescuing a lot, don’t I?) by mlebayre  and I can’t thank her enough for stepping in with such short notice to perform her particular brand of magic.
Finally thanks to wendy  and highwaywoman  for organising the whole shebang. It’s been a lot of fun and without you… etc etc.

Notes: The myth of Ishtar, a sort of combined Kali and Aphrodite, is real and is told in the epic story of Gilgamesh (and in other sources). Unfortunately, I think she suffered from the rise of patriarchal religions and her reputation was ruined. I’m positive that she was never quite the man-eater as the stories say but our male ancestors couldn’t let her compete with their all new and shiny male gods. I suffer pangs of guilt in making her old and bitter and a little clueless but it fit my purposes for this story. Anyhow, I’m glad Dean let her live and I hope she is still out there teaching oblivious idiots lessons they need to learn.
Sam, of course, is the ‘lion mighty’. In that sense he is infused into the whole story. However, he actually only really appears at the end. I apologise to him for side lining him for so long. I am fascinated by the inner workings of Dean but, as Dean discovers for himself, there is no Dean without Sam, and I hope that mollifies those who missed the younger brother in this fic.

Chapter One ~|~ Chapter Two ~|~ Chapter Three ~|~ Chapter Four ~|~ Chapter Five A ~|~ Chapter Five B ~|~ Chapter Six ~|~ Chapter Seven *** pdf,epub, mobi etc at AO3 here
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