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24 April
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I am a fairly obsessed Supernatural fan - I love both brothers equally but love Dean a little more equally :). I'm definitely a Jensen Ackles fan - there is nothing better than a really highly skilled and emotional actor (and he is extra-ordinary!!!) who also looks hot.
I have been, in my time, a Star Wars fan (I'm old enough to have seen the first film when it was first released), and still remain a fantasy/sci-fi geek. I loved David Tenant's Dr. Who (but find Matt Smith too young which will tell you how shallow I am). I have been to New Zealand to see the locations for Lord of the Rings (best movies in the world). I have obsessively followed my favourite bands around the world. I just believe that everyone should have a passion in their lives - research has proved that it lengthens your life.

For sure, it is only a matter a time before I start writing the slash... but heck, so what?

Apart from general geekiness I am left of left politically and a paid up member of the Green Party (Yay we got an MP last election), Greenpeace and Amnesty International. I am anti intolerance of any kind. I have flirted with wicca for quite a while, and I love my Tarot cards but I am still struggling to find meaning in life beyond the creed of "as long as it doesn't hurt anyone..." - although I do sometimes wonder about this - what might be the hidden consequences, or long term effects of actions and decisions I made with a clear conscience at the time.

I am also several pounds overweight - like nearly three figures of pounds overweight. Sometimes I don't care and sometimes I care a lot. I can walk 15 miles in a day but please don't ask me to jog.

Dean Winchester is my favourite character of all time. I'd like to say its because of the complexity with which he is drawn and acted but suspect it's because I like to look at Jensen Ackles a lot. Who wouldn't? He is the most prettiest thing I have ever laid eyes on.

Anyway, this is going on under the surface of a primary school head teacher (principal), so no-one should ever judge a book by its cover!!
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